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Victims of sexual assault and domestic violence are cared for in an empowering setting that addresses emotional and medical needs. All care is comprehensive, timely, and patient centered. Our services are always confidential and completely free to victims. SANE is available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. Translation services are available in Spanish, Chinese, ASL, Vietnamese, Swahili, Navajo, and more. Reporting to law enforcement is voluntary; however, SANEs are mandated reporters for child sexual abuse.

The nurse examiner will perform the medical/forensic exam in a caring, respectful, and culturally appropriate manner. Supporting the victim is our highest priority. An advocate will further support our patient during their visit. Advocates will facilitate any additional resources given; such as shelter, case management, restraining orders, transportation, etc. Advocates also support and provide services to any family and friends that have accompanied the patient.

After the exam, the patient has the option to shower in a private area. They will be provided a new change of clothing if they desire, or if they choose to submit their current clothing as evidence. Food and drinks are available for the entire duration of the exam, and care items (i.e. hygiene kits, toothbrushes, weighted blankets for anxiety, food boxes, etc.) may be sent home with the patient if needed. Transportation services are also available.

Muchísimas gracias a las organizaciónes de Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico y United Way por su apoyo y contribución para poder ofrecer servicios Españoles las 24 horas del día, siete días a la semana para nuestra comunidad. Si eres víctima de abuso sexual o abuso domestico, tenemos ayuda para ti. Habla (505)-884-7263.

Albuquerque SANE offers community-based services in the form of presentations, tabling events, trainings, etc. Presentation topics can include trauma-informed care, agency information, education about strangulation, and much, much more.

If you want to book Albuquerque SANE for an event or presentation, please send an email to and make it out to the attention of our Community Outreach Coordinator, Sarah.

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