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If you are experiencing domestic violence

If you are experiencing domestic violence/intimate partner violence, our SANEs are available 24hrs to provide you with services. Domestic violence services include a physical examination, injury documentation, referrals, documenting the assault, analgesic drugs for pain, and more. The examination may be scheduled by you, law enforcement, the hospital, your family/friends, an advocate, etc. If you have visible injuries for documentation, or have survived a recent strangulation incident, you can activate one of our SANEs by calling (505) 884-7263.


If you are unsure if you meet this criteria, please call the Domestic Violence Resource Center first at (505)-248-3165 to consult with a service provider.

Law enforcement does not need to be involved for you to be seen by us. SANE services are 100% free for victims and totally confidential. Your exam will be conducted in our clinic in a respectful, caring, and supportive manner. A trained crisis advocate will be available to provide other support for you. Advocates can answer any questions about restraining orders, temporary shelter, counseling, etc.

Our SANEs are prepared to support your case in legal proceedings. Our SANEs receive subpoenas for trial, and can speak to the injuries you sustained from your abuse.


We are proud to be partnered with Albuquerque's Domestic Violence Resource Center, and work collaboratively together to best support victims of domestic violence.

If you are in danger: Dial 911 for help.

If you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal ideation: Dial 988 for help.

If you are injured: Seek medical care or go to an emergency room.
Please dial (505) 884-SANE (7263) to dispatch a sexual assault nurse examiner.

The Domestic Violence Resource Center operates a crisis hotline 24 hours-a-day. Call (505) 248-3165 for information.


Victims can leave the relationship at any time if they really want. Kayla must be exaggerating about the abuse if she stays with him.


Domestic violence only happens in lower class homes. Russell has a good job and family. He can't possibly be abusive.


Victims must be provoking their partner to be abused. I bet Cheyenne cheated or deserved it when her girlfriend hit her.


Many victims are in the most danger when they choose to leave. If it's discovered that they're going to flee, there is up to 500% more risk of violence.


Domestic violence happens among couples from all socioeconomic levels, races, genders, sexualities, religions, and more.


Abusers choose to control and manipulate their partners. They will abuse them before anyone else. It's about power and their sense of entitlement over their victim, not personal interactions.

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