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What Happens During a SANE Exam

1 / Basic Intake

After calling (505)-884-7263, you will be connected to a SANE. The nurse will schedule a time with you for a SANE exam, arrange transportation if needed, and ask basic intake questions like your name, date of birth, time of assault, etc.

2 /Advocacy

In addition to your nurse, you will also receive an Advocate. Advocates are specially-trained to support victims of crime. They offer emotional support, soothe any concerns you have, and so much more. Your SANE and Advocate will work together to support you during the exam.

3 / Consent

Your SANE will then get your consent to treat you for your assault. This will include reviewing all services you will receive in the SANE exam, answering any questions you have, signing paperwork, etc. You are in control of your own exam, and we will not do anything without your consent.

4 / Narrative

Your SANE will then get your medical history, and ask to hear your narrative of what happened. This means talking about your assault. Your Advocate is there for additional support, and we will not rush or judge you. Breaks are encouraged if anything becomes too triggering.

5 / Physical Exam & Evidence

After the narrative, the physical exam starts. While doing a full body examination, the SANE will also collect forensic evidence. This can include swabbing your skin for DNA, taking photos of injuries, and collecting clothing worn during the assault. This section is self-paced and done at your own speed.

6 / Medication

During the exam, your SANE can also give you medication for STI prevention, nausea, pregnancy prevention, pain and more. Any medications you receive during the exam are 100% free of cost, and insurance is not required to receive them.

7 / Post-Exam Wellness

After your physical exam is completed, you can take a hot shower in one of our private rooms. There are free toiletries and hygiene products for use, and you will be offered new clothing and underwear to change into, too.

8 / Plan of Care

Before being discharged, your SANE and Advocate will create a plan of care with you. This means connecting you to resources, case management, safety planning, and making a list of coping strategies/sources of support for healing from your assault. A copy of this plan of care will be included in your discharge paperwork.

9 / Discharge

After being discharged from the unit, you will also be offered care items to take home if you want. These items can include a food box from our community pantry, stuffed animals, toiletries, etc. Transportation can be arranged if needed, and your Advocate will then escort you out of the clinic.

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